Anthony Cofield


Press Reviews

"The American conductor Anthony Cofield faced a great task as he undertook to conduct Bruckner's Seventh Symphony in E Major. His interpretation displayed an inspired command of orchestral sound, dynamic balance and musical architecture. The young American conductor succeeded with this concert in convincing the public of his musical talent and also in drawing them closer to the musical world of Anton Bruckner."
-Oszkar Tuduka, Bihari Naplo (Rumania)

"Cofield showed a finely graded sensitivity for Beethoven's gradual intensification of sonority, with solo passages wielded smoothly to ensemble playing. Judging from their impressive performances Saturday, all four young conductors are well on their way to prominent positions."

-Cecelia Porter, The Washington Post

Photo of the conductor Anthony Cofield

(International Conducting Competition of the Wiener Musikseminars, Vienna)

"The clear favorite was Anthony Cofield from the U.S.A. who in the Brahms Haydn Variations revealed his sovereign mastery of dynamics, tempo variation and a finely developed sense of sound balance. With great sensitivity and precision Mr. Cofield, who studied with Leopold Hager in Vienna and Leon Barzin in Paris, expertly moulded the musical structure from the dense voice texture."

-Christian Baier, Jugend musiziert (Austria)